color- Dangerous (deep burgundy red)


I have recently been on a lipstick kick, which brought me to this new matte lipstick by NYX. I generally wear matte lipsticks, I find them to be easier to wear, long lasting, and the best part of it all – SMUDGE PROOF.

The Super Cliquey lipstick is more of a satin matte lipstick, but the applicator and tube are extremely different than a normal lipstick. The bottom of the tube has a button that you click which dispenses the product to give you the “perfect amount”. The lipstick portion itself is in a teardrop shape designed to hug the lips to help you line and fill in and give a flawless application.


Prior to applying this lipstick I did my normal lip routine – lip scrub to remove any dead skin (I am adamant about applying lip balm throughout the day to keep them moisturized), then Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme-Plump XL, which I left on for 25 minutes then wiped off. I do this because the Sexy Mother Pucker works well for me, it really does plump my lips and leaves them looking very full and moisturized.

I thought the application process was going to be a breeze with this, but sadly, I was wrong. For this I chose not to wear any lip liner because I wanted to give it a fair shot, in the future I will definitely be applying a lip liner with this. I started on the bottom lip to even out the lipstick from packaging so it would be flat when I went into the lining of my lips and the top lip. Even with my lips being moisturized and no dead skin on them the lipstick pulled and was patchy. No worries, I thought to myself, NYX is a great makeup company and their products are usually pretty darn great, this will work out. Once the lipstick was applied to the bottom lip with one coat I started to outline the top, the teardrop shape does give you a lot more control when applying which was a nice surprise, but it’s very easy to over line your lips unevenly with the shape as well. The same thing happened with the top lip, a lot of pulling and uneven coverage. Darker colors tend to have uneven coverage and usually needs a few coats to look opaque. I continued to fill in the rest of my lips the best that I could, and because I love the color so much and the coverage was finally there I took out a lip brush and fixed any flaws that were there. After that I was was super pleased with how the lipstick looked on. It’s also kiss proof to a certain extent too! You could easily get away with kissing someone on the cheek or lips without a transfer, but I don’t recommend a full on make out session or you’ll both have lipstick all over the place. Because it’s a satin matte finish it doesn’t feel too drying and the color didn’t stain my lips (I was slightly worried it would due to it being a deep burgundy color). I also ate some pretty greasy food, carefully of course and drank out of a water bottle and my lipstick still looked fresh!


I would buy this product in other colors, I may have to get used to the application process with this type of shape… I’m used to bullet lipsticks or doe foot applicators. There are currently 12 different shades of the Super Cliquey Matte Lipsticks available in nudes, purples, pinks, and reds.

If you’d like to purchase them you can order them from Ulta Beauty here!

Or you can order them from NYX Cosmetics here!

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