If you read my previous post you’ll already know I’m a big fan of skin care. While I was shopping at Ulta Beauty I came across the I Dew Care Berry Bubbly Clay Mask by Memebox, a Korean beauty company selling the latest beauty products and trends. I’m a big fan of any kind of mask except for a bubbly mask, the only one I’ve tried in the past left my skin so tight I had to moisturize twice before it felt normal again. I couldn’t let that ONE TIME ruin it for me so I decided to pick it up. While I was still shopping around I happened to stumble across the I Dew Care Brown Bear Headband. I fell in love. It’s the softest headband with the most adorable little teddy bear ears designed to hold your hair back while you’re cleansing your face or applying masks. Okay, so maybe I’m making a big deal about this but come on, it’s freakin’ CUTE.

The mask retails for 19.00usd and you can get the headband sold separately for only 6.00usd.


For more information on the mask and headband what my thoughts are please

I couldn’t wait to take everything out of the packaging, of course. The jar that the mask comes made of a thick plastic with a metal lid and another plastic piece protecting the mask. Each jar of the Berry Bubbly that retails for 19.00usd comes with 2.11oz of product, and a little bit goes a long way. The scent is very subtle, it has a clean smell with a very light hint of berries, not overpowering at all. When you first see the product it looks like light purple wet play-doh.


The directions say to add a thin even layer on to a clean face for 5-10 minutes. I took out the head band and went to work.




The mask felt amazing while it was on, slightly tingly from the bubbling but nothing uncomfortable at all. The bubbling only lasted for 5 minutes or so and once the 10 minutes were up it was time to rinse it off. Following the package instructions I rinsed it off in warm water in circular motions. It felt like I was rinsing off lotion! Once it was all off, my skin fell amazing and super hydrated and CLEAN. It says to only use the mask 1-2 times per week which is a shame because I wish I could use it everyday because of how great my skin felt and looked after. Would I recommend this? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Now lets talk about the headband…. it’s cute, right? Yes. Did it keep my hair out of my face while I was applying the product and rinsing off my face? Yes. Is it worth the $6.00 I paid for it? Yes. Did I keep it on for 30 minutes after the mask was off? Yes. Would I recommend it? YES.

I am going to be ordering the Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel Off Mask very soon, so be looking out for a review on that within the next few weeks, maybe you’ll even see a new cute headband with it too!

Check out memebox here!

If you want the mask you can pick it up here

You know you want that headband… pick it up here